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Life Science 3D Models are our Specialty

We specialise in anatomically accurate & aesthetically beautiful Life Science 3D models. Our models are widely used by 3D artist, developers & institutions all over the world in documentaries, educational videos, interactive teaching, realtime apps and games.

Anatomy Collection

  • Medically Accurate

    Models are medically accurate, labelled in their medical names & organised into respective Systems.

  • Rigged Joints for Poses & Animation

    Pose or Animate your model right away (rigged models only).

  • Resolution Independent Mesh

    No more poly edges in your render. Simply crank up the render subdivision.

  • Production Proven

    Our Collection has been successfully integrated into several medical apps. See Visible Anatomy .

Human Anatomy 3D Model
chimpanzee 3D Model

Wildlife Collection

  • Rigged Joints for Poses & Animation

    Pose or Animate your model immediately right out of the box.

  • 4K Realistic Texture

    High resolution 4096 x 4096 unwrapped texture that even looks good up close.

  • Facial features with Blendshapes or Joints

    Breath life to your Model. Control the model’s mouth, eyes, ears and tongue.

  • Resolution Independent Mesh

    No more poly edges in your renders. Simply crank up the render subdivision.

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Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, XSI, Lightwave3D, FBX, OBJ, Blender ( free conversion )

Royalty Free License

Purchase the licence once & use it on your project for as long as you like.

Free Format Conversion

If you can’t find the format you need, we’ll gladly do a free format conversion to most popular 3D formats.

Direct Support

Save precious time by getting direct support from the creator.

What Our Customers Say

Turbosquid Customer

Only one word can describe this model: AMAZING!

Turbosquid CustomerPeacock Model
Turbosquid Customer

Amazing! It’s a great pleasure to use this wonderful model!

Turbosquid CustomerChimpanzee Model
Turbosquid Customer

Fantastic model, highly detailed and the rig is amazing. The instructions and organization of this model is fantastic. I wish all turbosquid models were of this quality!

Turbosquid CustomerHuman Skeleton (Rigged) Model
Turbosquid Customer

Amazing!! I am so happy with it! Using for a micro projection project

Turbosquid CustomerCockroach Model
Turbosquid Customer

Great model with excellent textures and a clean and accurate rig

Turbosquid CustomerCow ( Ayrshire ) Model
Turbosquid Customer

This is a great model. Textures and details are exactly what I am looking for.

Turbosquid CustomerPenguin Model

About Us

MotionCow is the creator of high quality photorealistic 3D Models. We specialise in Life Science models including birds, marines & land animals, as well as the human anatomy.

Our 3D models are widely used in documentaries, films, educational videos and realtime apps. Our customers include 3D artist, universities, animation studios & software developers.

We are also a seasoned publisher in Turbosquid since 2005.

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